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1 to 5 players

30-45 (mins)

Darkrock Ventures

A worker placement game about mining and exporting in hostile outer-space. Players will control a mining company working in harsh conditions to acquire the most credits to win.


1 to 5 players

30-45 (mins)

Darkrock Ventures Expansion Pack #1

Adds ten (10) additional cards to expand the Darkrock Ventures base game. (Requires Darkrock Ventures base game to play)


1 to 6 players

30-45 (mins)

Fire of Eidolon

This quick-playing, diceless, co-operative dungeon crawl for 1-6 players is like a romp through classic 1990s video games! Explore the dungeon, collect the tokens of power, and escape with the Fire of Eidolon before the dungeon is destroyed around you by the evil agents of Vorax!


1 to 4 (5 with Add-on) players

30-40 (mins)


Strategic, diceless, tile placement/area control game for 1-4 with a retro videogame flair, all in a super-portable package!


1 to 5 players

10 more minutes

Overworld Summoners & 5 Player Expansion Add-on

AKA "5th Player Add-on" Expand your Overworld experience with playing pieces to add a 5th player to the game, as well as new tiles and tokens for the Summoners game variant! (Base game required to play)


1 to 5 players

10-30 (mins)

Incoming Transmission

Incoming Transmission is an Asymmetrical, Co-operative, Deduction-based "Puzzle" game for two or more players which takes 30 minutes to play.